Sunday, September 27, 2009

The overrated idolization

The overrated idolization
How do we come to this affection?
That clings like a protective mother over her infant?
Should we insisted and fight?
The decision made annoys others with initial rights?

It is peculiar when passion changed one values
When difference longed and gained never felt so true.

The feeling that quivers, claiming the other half of the heart,
The smiles once hidden, not just existed, it glows endlessly
The sun never seems so stunning, the night is star-studded amazing
Every step taken is lightened, every burden loaded away.

Of all in the name of adoration towards a stranger’s warmth
While blood disappointingly exploding the rebel inside
Is this overrated act tolerable? When empathy never been more contented?
Shall we continue? Or stop before it hazards others?

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