Thursday, December 11, 2008

"With the cold air breathe in and breathe out"

With the cold air breathe in and breathe out
My heart still longing for one and one only
In the business of bees I travel deep into the honey hole
Among the jungle sound I hear only hush

The quietness of all takes me into the eccentric of sentiment
The one hadn’t felt for long, haven’t taste in years
While in crowd, there’s one face picturesque
While in noise, only one voice I can hear and indulge

How long must I suffer? Must I wait for the certainty?
Is it me who alone obsessing?
Or it is just NOT meant to be?
Oh, why these questions must haunt me?

Please heart does not wait,
Please mind, don’t assume too much
Please feet, just keep on walking
For love doesn’t stop and look back.

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